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Pinnekel Real Estate was formed to engage in acquisition, development and management of real estate, primarily in the areas of hospitality, multi-family housing and shopping centers. Since its inception, we have purchased and rehabilitated properties to improve communities while returning a good ROI for our partners.

Our specialty is in value-added plays in which we can turn a property around quickly and efficiently to realize it's highest and best use while
benefitting from their abilities and experience. 

Mission Statement: To primarily acquire core as well as value added commercial, multi-family and other income producing real estate utilizing
a methodical and conservative approach resulting with the Company exceeding its objectives by executing on investment diversification,
stabilization and maximum return on investment.

We co-operate with all brokers and investors; our firm is always looking to acquire value-added properties.
Please contact us with your property information for an evaluation.

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1.  Rewards to Pinnekel partners
2. Operate profitable compaines
3.  Increaseing jobs


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innekel is a deep-value investor and uses a bottom-up approach. We invest in out-of-favor and small companies selling at a discount to their tangible book value that have significant earnings potential within two to three years.

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Please consider all risk before investing.  NOT FDIC Insured. May Loss Money


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